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5 Double-Blade Shaver™️

5 Double-Blade Shaver™️

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Are You Tired of Spending Hours Trying to Shave Your Head with a Manual Razor?

The 5 Double-Blade Shaver™️ electric head shaver can save you time and give you a perfectly smooth shave. Say goodbye to nicks, cuts, and ingrown hairs. Try an electric head shaver today and experience the difference for yourself.

5 Fast & Effective Precision Shaving Heads

The 5 rotary 5 Double-Blade Shaver™️ has 5 floating heads, a double-blade, and an adaptive motor that contours to your head and face for a smooth and intelligent shaving experience. 

Support Dry Shaving and Wet Shaving

Get ready to experience perfection like never before! With the 5 Double-Blade Shaver™️ advanced technology, you can have the perfect shave every time, whether you prefer dry shaving or wet shaving with gel/foam.

Water Resistant

The waterproof body of the electric shaver empowers you to have a hassle-free shaving experience, allowing you to use it in any condition, be it wet or dry, and even in the shower.

Shave and Trim with Ease

The 5 Double-Blade Shaver™️ can shave your beard and head. It is one machine dual purposeful, economical, and practical. Comes with a pop-up sideburns trimmer, which can be used for trimming sideburns and mustaches.

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